Mail Art News #37: Rubber Stamps + Mail Art = Yes

outgoing mail, T. Brown, 2021 🌎🌍🌏  Where to find rubber stamps in the wild? If you don't have the patience or skill to carve your own stamps, then you must hand over your hard earned money, in exchange for either new or used ones. In addition to the occasional find at a thrift store, you can also check the internet. On etsy, I will recommend  rebburrubber ,  100 Proof Press ,  York's Little Art Studio ,  Invoke Arts , and  Jumping Wolf Art Studio . And there are many other shops on there selling stamps, so I am sure that I've left some out. If you're looking for lots of used rubber stamps, ebay is the best place to look. Simply search for "lot rubber stamps" and many results will appear. It's up to you to see if the results fit with your style. When buying used, check for any defects, such as melting, hardening, and cracking. Send an email to if you have any other online rubber stamp resources. Or maybe you're lucky enough to l

Mail Art News #36: Just Your Standard Mail Art News

  incoming from Mark Johnson, a reproduction from The Science Fair Story , 1979 ✉         🖼          🖊                 📰     We may indeed, some day, have some kind of satellite "mail" and maybe some kind of electronic mail that travels over a maze of wires, but until that day comes, I'm sticking with good old-fashioned paper mail. Of course, there's also a mail network that exists within each life form, with messages traveling in different directions, at various speeds in the mind / body. Indeed, part of communicating is to get a better picture of the trajectories of human energies, for the benefit of one or more of the parties involved.  In April 2023, I was asking on Faceboo k " How many different eyes do you need to see one person?" By that, I was wondering how to see all the parts of a person, all of the facets. The next step in the development of that idea is to ask: How do interactions with others alter the trajectories of energies in the mind, bod